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Lockinex (UK) Limited

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About our company

Lockinex UK Limited is a leading UK supplier of various industrial safety products with over 22 years of industry experience in supplying the rail sector with GRP flooring and modular handrailing/guardrailing systems.

As a UKAS ISO-accredited company with a long-standing supplier relationship with RISQS (The Rail Industry Qualification Scheme), we supply top quality products at leading UK prices.

Our vast selection of products are provided throughout the rail, marine, fencing, engineering/fabrication and facilities management industries including Lockinex GRP Gratings, Key Clamp fittings & Tube, Armco Barrier, Fall Protection Systems and many more.

What is GRP and what are Its Benefits to The Rail Sector?

  • GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polymer which is a composite mix of glass fibres and resin moulded into a final product. GRP is a cost-effective lightweight, durable, and non-conductive alternative to steel, concrete, wood and other materials.
  • Utilised to create safe walkways, access platforms and flooring, GRP is longer lasting, prevents slippery surfaces from forming and significantly reduces any chance of accidents from happening related to slips or trips.
  • The Lockinex GRP range includes non-slip gratings, sheets, stair covers and modular handrail/guardrail systems.
  • Lockinex GRP gratings are made from Isophthalic Polyester Resin, fire resistant to BS EN 13501-1:2018 Class B, S1, D0 and fully compliant with the relevant British Standards for loading requirements. Our GRP gratings come in a variety of different colours, sizes and thicknesses which can suit a variety of different project needs.
  • At Lockinex we have extensive experience supplying our GRP and Modular handrail nationwide to numerous rail maintenance depots, embankments and passenger walkways within the Network Rail, Crossrail, and Transport For London sectors.

Top 6 Advantages of GRP

What’s the Difference Between Isophthalic and Orthophthalic Resins?

Common suppliers of GRP grating within the UK typically use Orthophthalic resins to create their GRP gratings for cost reasons. However, Lockinex UK Ltd use Isophthalic resin which offer superior mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

Need your GRP grating to be cut to fit a certain shape?

No problem!

We offer a fully bespoke in-house GRP cutting and sealing service, saving you time on site and making your life easier.

Contact our team to find out how we can assist with your company projects today.

By choosing Lockinex to supply your required GRP products, you choose an experienced and certified company to supply top quality products where they are needed most.