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Lucid Communications

About Us

Lucid Communications is a communications consultancy focussed on operational, health and safety issues.

Lucid Communications combines sound, technical understanding with flair and creativity to effectively engage an audience. Ultimately, we’re seeking to effect behavioural change by providing a fresh perspective and changing the way people think about an issue.

We develop:

  • Training courses – We focus on concepts and developing engaging content. We then identify the most appropriate delivery channels: eLearning; video; face-to-face; animation; etc. The communication channel is secondary to the content. Engagement is our priority.
  • Communication programmes – Our communication programmes are usually concerned with effecting behavioural change. We use a multi-modal approach: print, video, graphics, and online. As with training, creating meaningful, engaging content is our focus.
  • Software applications – We develop bespoke software applications for information provision and process control. We have also developed the SiteSentinel suite of products: Inducta, Contracta 1, and Contracta 2. SiteSentinel provides site induction and contractor management at over 20 sites across the UK.

We adopt a multidisciplinary approach, using strong project management skills to marshal our creative and technical resources into a cohesive unit. Our staff are enthusiastic, informed, and dependable.

Lucid was incorporated in 2002. We have delivered hundreds of successful projects – on time, and on budget. The company is wholly owned by its founding Director, is independent of any debt finance and has been financially stable throughout our years of operation.

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Our professionally crafted inductions provide:

• an online safety briefing, specific to a given location
• visit-specific induction pathways
• bespoke visual media support, including photos, video, audio, and schematics
• information capture such as PTS details
• information downloads such as policy documents and site details
• pathway-specific tests to ensure that the induction has been understood
• a reporting tool providing insights into site visitors and contractors

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