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Mattei Compressors Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Italy-based Ing. Enea Mattei SpA – global pioneers in rotary vane air-compressor design and manufacture, and related products and services. Their insight into customers’ needs drives continuous product development – which results in creative, innovative technologies and practices that meet and exceed expectations.

They are the world’s leading producer of rotary-vane compressors – offering energy savings of more than 15% versus rival rotary compressors.

Ing. Enea Mattei SpA is a family-owned company led by Giulio and Silvia Contaldi, it employs 250 people worldwide and has been running since 1919.

The company started as a small workshop by the engineer Enea Mattei, initially machining remnants of wartime material purchased from the state. However, it wasn’t long until the business started manufacturing air compressors to provide for the growing industrial market and the ensuing demand.

The company has its headquarters in Vimodrone, in the province of Milan, which houses the management, administrative and sales offices. The Innovation and Industrialisation department is also based at the company HQ.

Their production sites are situated in Vimodrone and Verdello-Zingonia, in the province of Bergamo, and in Baltimore, Maryland of the United States.

Mattei also has subsidiaries in the United States, China, France, Germany and Great Britain. It has representative offices in Russia, Spain and Singapore and numerous business partners across the globe.


The company produces more than 6,500 compressors each year, 75% of which are exported to more than 100 countries.

Research and Development

Each year more than 5% of the company’s turnover is invested in research and development.


Thanks to their innovative rotary vane technology, Mattei air compressors are the ideal solution for the supply of compressed air in rail transport applications. Mattei offers Air-Ends specifically dedicated to vehicle applications, RVR range, and complete packages.