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Midlands Engine

About Us

Built on a strong advanced manufacturing base and enhanced by a range of sectoral strengths, the Midlands Engine is perfectly positioned to take advantage of economic growth, productivity and skills opportunities.

We will improve the economy of the Midlands and the UK, deliver an enhanced quality of life for our citizens and communities and become a globally recognised driver of the economy.

Advanced manufacturing expertise is the bedrock of the Midlands economy and supports a host of other industries and sectors. We will develop our reputation as a globally recognised centre of excellence.

We will position the Midlands as a major UK and European gateway unlocking the region’s potential and will support growth across every sector.

Midlands Connect will develop the vision and set out the long term transport and connectivity strategy for the Midlands Engine.

Our universities and research translation centres will work with businesses to bring forward initiatives to turn our world-class science into new technologies, materials and products.

We will create a thriving environment for businesses to flourish.