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About us

Mirage is a design and build house with over 15 years’ experience producing bespoke machinery and engineering solutions for the rail, automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Mirage has an experienced design department equipped with solid, surface and 2D modelling software to assist in the design and development of innovative, reliable, bespoke solutions for our customers requiring automation and in the rail industry.

Mirage’s lean manufacturing equipment incorporate various technologies which are integrated into the finished solution. Flexibility in handling a variety of products and combining manual and automatic operations is a critical factor in the success of our products and equipment. More recently entering the rail industry with our induction rail welding technology #1, we are set to deliver game changing technology.

#1 Patents applied for in the UK, USA, CA, Europe, AU, NZ, SG. UDR Reserved Mirage 2019. © Reserved Mirage 2019.


Mirage are proud to announce the arrival of our Induction Rail Welder. We have developed the process and mobile Induction Welding Head to be suitable initially for CEN 56 & 60 rail profiles. Other profiles will follow.

-Bend strength – In excess of 1330kN minimum.
-Bend test properties similar to parent rail material in the absence of a weld
-Microstructure: As parent rail with slight increase in hardness
-Microstructure: Heat affected zone without oxidation & flaws.
-Visual appearance after forged material removal – clean & linear
-Minimal consumption for S&C installations