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In 1982, the original Nord-Lock® wedge-locking technology that safely secures bolted joints was developed. Since then, our range of innovative bolting technologies and expertise has grown to be the most comprehensive on the market, incorporating Superbolt™ mechanical tensioners, Boltight™ hydraulic tensioners and Expander® System pivot pins.

Nord-Lock Group has tightened and secured billions of bolted connections in millions of applications all over the world. All our solutions are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring they meet the highest standards in the industry. We are the first bolt-securing partner to offer a full life-cycle warranty across all its technologies.

From production to engineering and sales, we have a world-class team across the globe that is always ready to deliver. Our services focus on life cycle profitability, design, production, training and installation support. If you have an engineering challenge, we will provide you with a solution that maximizes the productivity, safety and reliability of your application.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, insights and expertise to ensure an optimal long-term solution, and we work closely with you to understand your needs, solve your problems and support your projects.

Nord-Lock Group is wholly owned by Investment AB Latour, an investment company quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. Latour is comprised of wholly-owned industrial operations and a portfolio of listed holdings.

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With hundreds of thousands of kilometers of tracks covering the earth’s surface, along with numerous types of switches, checking and tightening bolted joints is time consuming and tedious work.

It is critical to ensure that your chosen bolt securing product will hold despite the elements. As trains and railway networks become more advanced, so do the demands on rail lines and train components. When a train is travelling at over 300 km/h, the whole carriage is rattled with constant vibration and strain, creating a host of challenges.

Bolt security is essential for safety and Nord-Lock products are used in production as well as in maintenance. Our Nord-Lock X-series washers provide maximum security for critical bolted joints that are exposed to bolt loosening and slacking – ensuring that they stay put, no matter how fast you are going.

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