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Driving Improvements In The Rail Industry With Environmentally Focused Patented Technology

Offering A Reduction In Air Pollution By Millions of Tonnes of CO2 Each Year.

Scientists predict that in just ten years, the human damage inflicted on the planet will be irreversible. At Ogab®, our team is dedicated to creating sustainable solutions and environmental innovations for the transport sector.

With cutting edge research and development, Ogab® specialise in creating performance enhancing, environmentally conscious solutions that can make vast improvements in the rail industry. By utilising our breakthrough technology to increase efficiency, Ogab® can help improve both the health of our environment and its inhabitants including railway staff and passengers.

Patented Technology For Breakthrough Innovations

Ogab® has an extensive patent portfolio relating to sustainable technology that works in synergy with thermodynamics, aerodynamics, applied physics and engineering. We have a number of highly advanced solutions that can make an unprecedented difference to the performance of trains whilst significantly reducing their negative impact on the environment.

We offer manufacturing licence agreements so that you can incorporate these ground-breaking solutions into your organisation to build a greener and more sustainable rail industry. Get in touch today to learn more about our technology and how it can help your business.

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Advanced TRS

Offering a significant reduction in drag force whilst making our trains kinder to the environment by reducing fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

At Ogab, our active flow control drag reduction system has led to substantial reductions in drag force.

Powered by energy that would otherwise be lost, our Advanced TRS technology yields an 11% reduction in fuel consumption to cut C02 emissions and reduce running costs.

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