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About us

For over sixty years Oleo has been involved in design and manufacture of energy absorption technology for a variety of industries and continues to innovate and patent new products.

Oleo provide the leading energy absorption solution

Oleo has developed a wide range of standard products and services and can produce bespoke items to suit our client’s requirements. We will work with you to ensure that an energy absorption solution is developed to your specification; we provide solutions – not just products.

Oleo is ISO 9001 accredited and comply with other specialist standards used in the rail, elevator and crane industries. Our rail products conform to all European and international standards including UIC and AAR.

Oleo provide leading energy absorption solutions for many areas, including industry, elevator, rail etc. Out product range includes energy absorption buffers, crash and safety buffers, absorbers, arrestors and more. Oleo products give ultimate protection, reducing impact forces to safe levels in potentially life threatening impacts.

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously with all systems and processes approved to ISO 14001. Our buffers can have a 20-30 year life span (with maintenance) and 95% of the buffer can be recycled. With continuing research and development Oleo is committed to delivering new products and solutions which are environmentally friendly.


Oleo provides crash energy management products and services to rail operators and train manufacturers. Over 1,000,000 Oleo hydraulic and deformation impact energy absorbers are in daily operation around the world; meeting the requirements for higher levels of protection for passenger and freight rolling stock and operating needs such as higher coupling speeds.

Rail projects often require unique trains due to variations in infrastructure, environment, regulations and operating practices. Neither time nor cost permit prototype trains to conduct operating trials and crash testing. At the same time crash energy management systems are increasingly complex; incorporating anti climbers, buffers, couplers and crush elements. Oleo provide sophisticated simulation of collisions to evaluate the crash energy management system across the train as well as energy absorption devices that are correlated by over thirty years of full size testing.