One Big Circle

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Company overview

Formed in 2017, One Big Circle is a Bristol-based SME providing “Intelligent Video” solutions within the rail industry.

As technical pioneers, we focus on solving real-world industry problems by fusing new technology in the field of Video, IoT, Cloud, and AI to provide high-quality, robust, end-to-end solutions which allow our clients to dramatically improve their operational efficiency and safety.

In response to challenges in the rail environment, we created AIVR (Automated Intelligent Video Review), the multi award-winning system that provides digital inspection capability and more, enabling experts from any rail discipline to monitor the lineside environment remotely and safely.

AIVR captures Forward Facing, thermal, overhead and line-scanning data from across the rail network and makes this instantly and securely accessible online via a cloud-based platform, where users can easily monitor the lineside environment to respond to challenges in rapid time. With integrated Machine Learning capabilities, AIVR data is further enhanced using automated object detection capabilities, helping to intuitively support the management and maintenance of key assets and allowing your teams to work safer and smarter.

AIVR is being used across a wide range of rail disciplines, from Track Worker Safety to Overhead Line Equipment monitoring, from Vegetation Management to Signal Sighting to Telecoms; Machine Learning helps to locate assets and identify obstacles, safe access, graffiti, electrical faults on the third rail and across OLE, and much more. AIVR is helping to increase Track Worker Safety and efficiency by significantly reducing Boots on Ballast, simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint associated with site travel and virtual viewing of sites also keeps people safer when they do attend site.

Users can easily access and navigate the dashboard using their web browser and secure credentials, where a range of digital tools are available to measure, mark up, analyse, and export data whilst also allowing users to carry out sighting work, reporting, complete asset identification tasks, and share all this information within and across teams and groups.

Work Safer and Smarter with AIVR

For each hour that an AIVR user monitors data online, it is estimated that they save an
eight-hour site visit or cab ride with all the accompanying time spent in transit, whilst reducing the safety risks of relying on trackside review. As a result, AIVR is predicted to reduce site visits by 40% and is helping to overcome the access challenges of red zone site work by providing up-to-date site data with which to complete remote inspections.

Over 2,800 users have been provided licences and are accessing AIVR across the UK. Time spent on the Dashboard reviewing and analysing data by all these users amounted to180,000 hours last year, providing huge potential savings of hours on-site.

AIVR helps make track maintenance and fault detection easier, more efficient, and more repeatable, and every metre of track that can be intelligently and remotely monitored helps keep passengers and freight safely on the move.