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Orion Eco Solutions

About Us

Next Generation Pathogens Protection: Orion Eco Solutions

Orion Eco Solutions help the world fight pathogens and create safe spaces for everyone.

Our products are first and foremost designed to be highly effective against all known pathogens.  The technology and innovation is scientifically proven to provide peace of mind. We design our products to be easy to use as we see our future as being an intrinsic part of your cleaning regime.

Our Mission
Innovative, technology driven and proven green chemistry based solutions to help the world fight pathogens by facilitating and helping provide clean, safe spaces for everyone.

Our USPs
UK designed, manufactured and distribution
360 degree solution for all areas within the built environment
User friendly application
Environmentally friendly packaging
Independently proven efficacy

Orion Eco Solutions are committed to our mission and using our scientific expertise to minimise our impact on the planet, whilst helping protect against all known viruses. We respect the earth and understand the importance of sustainable solutions.

Our products are designed to be highly effective and easy to use.

OES deliver on our promises to provide peace of mind.

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OES Technology & Innovation

OES helps create healthier, cleaner environments by using our revolutionary water-based antimicrobial technology. Our products are versatile and once applied, provide next levels of protection.

Our products form invisible layers of nanospike protection which penetrate cell membranes and destroy them. The nanonspike process is mechanical and not chemical as happens when using other long-term solutions such as silver or copper based options.

Key Benefits: Invisible, Water-based, Colourless & Odourless, Proven Formula, Quaternary Ammonium Silicone

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