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About Us

Pennant – Track Access has become known for innovative virtual solutions that prepare drivers, stakeholders and industry primes for the ever-evolving global rail network – whether that’s stepping into a full-size train simulator, using a mobile phone or reviewing illustrated parts catalogues.

This technology can teach drivers who are assigned to a new route, or it can help them understand what is set to change on journeys they know well.

We painstakingly film, plot, and even 3D render rail routes to help drivers see what a new or adjusted journey will look like. A driver’s-eye video of the route is accompanied by a real-time overhead map. Both views can overlay meticulously surveyed features that may exist now or at some time in the future, as well as have accompanying spoken commentary. Not a single signal, speed limit, gradient or building essential to the route is missed.

Our Technical Publications capability allows our team of authors, illustrators and consultants to develop anything from printed owner’s handbook to an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM), including intelligent 3D graphics compliant with S1000D, as well as operation and maintenance manuals, parts catalogues and training courseware.

It has never been easier to access this information. Pennant – Track Access services are now available on the cloud – making it possible to view rail networks and network changes not only in full-scale training hardware but also on your tablet or mobile phone.

Let us show you the present and the future of our railways. Visit us at the RailTex/Infrarail exhibition at the Birmingham NEC from September 7-9 on stand H36, Hall 12

Pennant – Track Access are recognised members of the Rail Industry Association (RIA) and are a verified supplier on the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS), Supplier ID 3491

And these solutions are not just for driver training...

For example, our innovations have been very helpful to stakeholders checking proposed network changes as part of signal sighting assessments. In the past, this might have meant hours trackside, wrestling with complex equipment that provides no real visual representation of upcoming developments. And you would have to do this whilst observing rightfully stringent health and safety regulations. Now, however, it is as easy as picking up your phone and logging into our service to see, with strong visual fidelity, what proposed changes will look like.

Out technology doesn’t stop there, however. Having integrated the likes of CAD models to visualise the future of our rail networks, we’ve embarked on an exploration of even more immersive and ground-breaking technologies – including full VR, Electrical Control Room Simulation, Computer Based Training and Technical Publications.

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