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Company overview

Petzl’s mission for over 40 years has been to create innovative tools and services that allow you to progress, position and protect yourself and others in vertical environments, as well as to light your way in the dark.

We continually look for the best solutions in performance, ergonomics, comfort, and reliability while maintaining a constant contact with professionals, this allows us to create solutions to meet your needs. The demands and the commitment of both professional and sport users are what guide our approach to supporting you in your pursuit of the inaccessible.

We have a deep responsibility to the people who trust us with their lives, and we develop, test, and qualify all of our products above required standards. Our design centre integrates all crafts that are related to the creation of products: mechanical, textile, electronic, optical, and technological. From the design and prototype phases, the reliability of a product and the safety of the user are continuously evaluated, with particular attention to risks of use.

With labs dedicated to product testing, we conduct dynamic fall and impact resistance tests, perform cyclical testing, and evaluate performance, as well as beam quality and burn times of our headlamps. This process includes rigorous field testing to test the ergonomics and reliability during real-world use.
Reliability is at the centre of our concerns: our goal is for our products to consistently function at the same level of excellence. Our objective is to allow zero defective products to leave our facilities.