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PM Training & Assessing

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About us

PM Training and Assessing was set up in 2005 to provide assessor training to those in railway signalling.

We now provide all the Trainer, Assessor and IQA (TAQA) qualifications. In 2009 we set up our IRSE Assessing Agency.

We do assessments in all Signalling areas and have over 100 assessors across the UK and abroad.

We provide Signalling Training to engineering including, Installers, SMTH and G110. We also provide training on Non-Technical Skills

Our Vision

To help create a safe railway, by giving people who work on it the skills, abilities and attitudes to maintain the high standards.

Our Team

We have a team who can provide help and guidance to both companies and individuals on the services we provide.

Meet the team members below

Our Sustainability Strategy

We at PMT&A are committed to reducing both our company’s impact on the environment and others using our services.

We have taken the green growth pledge and have created a comprehensive Green Growth Strategy to further our goal of making PMT&A more carbon neutral and more sustainable.