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Portaramp product assisting Wheelchair user onto a train

Portaramp UK Ltd

About Us

Portaramp are specialists in the design and manufacture of lightweight, portable access ramps and are recognised throughout the UK and parts of Europe as a market leader for access ramp solutions in the Rail Industry.

We offer an end-to-end holistic solution to our customers from design, build and distribution, to training, installation, maintenance, and asset management, providing total peace of mind for all.

Almost every railway station throughout the UK has a least one Portaramp wheelchair access ramp installed and ready for deployment, and the majority of rolling stock will have a ramp on-board too.

We design and manufacture compliant tailor-made products to suit specific client requirements such as rail wheelchair ramps, evacuation ramps, and supply depo and maintenance fall protection solutions such as pit protection, train access platforms and overhead rigid rail safety line fall arrest systems.
Considerable investment and diversification over recent years, has seen us become a leading OEM across multiple industries for safe access and ramp solutions, we’re now looking to utilise our 20+ years’ experience and our platinum Rail Industry services across Europe and beyond.

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Portable Wheelchair Ramps for the Rail Industry

Portable Wheelchair Ramps are designed to be carried aboard trains or stowed on station platforms. Manufactured from lightweight, high strength aluminium composite, it is easy to position, handle and transport. Features include carry handle, safety side retails and a slip-resistant surface.

Portaramp ramps are manufactured from an Aluminium high-strength, lightweight composite panel with an aluminium honeycomb core. Aluminium’s high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and recyclability make it well-suited for applications in transportation industries. The lightweight ramp is easy to position, handle and transport.

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