RADD Solutions Limited


Company overview

RADD Solutions Limited develop bespoke web, desktop and mobile solutions, provide established solutions, and offer support for new and existing software solutions throughout product lifetimes and through end-of-life, into the next product.


Development – websites and web applications, Windows Desktop software, mobile apps, services for existing apps, Software As A Service (SaaS), cloud hosted solutions and deployments to client infrastructure.

Maintenance – maintenance and development of live systems, restoration, or replacement of legacy software, change management and deployment documentation, development of test environments, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Site Analytics (bespoke Google Analytics and Microsoft Application insights), application and service health monitoring and Microsoft SharePoint development.

Integration and migration – software and infrastructure analysis, data analysis, extraction and transformation, business process analysis, development of services that communicate with third party systems and/or underlying data storage, development of software tools to detect, read and transform reports and data exports, development of bespoke plugins for existing software systems.

Testing – code based (unit) testing, development of automated testing suites, authoring of manual testing scripts, manual testing, load testing, penetration testing and user acceptance testing support.

Consultation – problem and requirements analysis, software and systems analysis, business process analysis, project management, user and developer training, and software architecture and design consultation.

We’re proud to be a trusted partner to the railway sector, providing bespoke solutions, hardware, consultation, and software maintenance.

Business areas we’ve delivered solutions into are:


Railway depot safety tests, train driver certification, policy management, subject access request automation, risk management, disaster recovery and business impact assessment, statutory railway reporting, construction health and safety management and contractor and site maintenance control.

Management and Finance

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), data collection, analysis and reporting across departments and organisations, starters and leavers processes, salary and severance calculators, project management and risk analysis.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), document control, internal communication and social networking, corporate home pages, remote display boards and content management, mobile surveying systems, engineering, railway defect and maintenance control, asset and asset inspection, fleet management and statutory examinations, competency management


Ticket machine management, disability support, mental health support, signalling support, data migration and data centre migrations, application, database and service monitoring.


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