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About Us

Railfuture is an independent national campaigning organisation run entirely by volunteers. It is a voluntary group representing rail users, with 20,000 affiliated and individual members. Its operations are funded entirely by its members whether they are individuals, affiliated local rail user groups or businesses and supporters.

As a result of being independent Railfuture attracts members from across the political spectrum and engages with and influences all levels of government in Britain. The wide range of knowledge within its membership base makes it a credible campaigning organisation and its views are taken seriously.

Railfuture campaigns for a bigger, better railway that people are proud and pleased to use and recommend.

It actively campaigns for more seats, value for money fares, quicker journeys, new services and lines to support local economies and the need to shift freight from road to rail. It is pro-rail but not anti-air or road.

The organisation also makes awards to campaigners to bring about improvements. Awards have been given, for example, for publicity initiatives and feasibility studies.

Members have the opportunity to attend any one of over a dozen branches around the country where regular meetings are held with topics and speakers covering a wide variety of issues. Its national conferences attract people from far and wide and cover more in-depth topics that are relevant to all stakeholders.

Railfuture publishes the magazine Railwatch four times a year which includes articles and commentary by rail industry experts.

For more information or to join Railfuture please visit