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What do passengers need to know – and when – to enjoy every rail journey, rather than endure it? And how can that information improve operational efficiency and improve strategic decision-making? We have the answers – and we can deliver the solutions.

The Rail & Station Innovation Company is a London-based ideas production house which seeks to improve the rail and mobility travel experience. We are international – we understand the different issues affecting railway journeys around the world, we have an intelligent and experienced team who put the customer – and their impact on operations – at the centre of our problem-solving, but we have a keen eye on commercial viability too.

RASIC has been innovating for 10 years and has worked with all aspects of the rail supply chain and Governments around the world to develop knowledge, understanding and solutions within the transport industry.

The organisation has designed and implemented delivery strategies that offer controlled, progressive improvements to the existing rail environment. RASIC currently has over 25 live innovation projects in the UK and across Latin America, with more in their infancy. RASIC specialises in using technology to improve the rail industry through validation-of-use cases, production of the value proposition / business cases, introductions to customers and ongoing subject matter expertise.

With a wealth of team experience from Customer Service to CEO negotiation level, our propositions deliver, enhance and are cost-effective. Please get in touch to find out more about how we work and the projects we’re currently working on.

Case Study

Since May 2020, RASIC have been contracted by Network Rail to deliver the Rail Demand Information System (RDIS) programme. The RASIC consortium, including Citilogik, SWLines and Telios, came together to respond to the challenge of how to support passengers back to travel during a time of restrictions.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders across Network Rail (NR), Rail Delivery Group (RDG), Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and Transport for London (TfL), RASIC has developed a passenger-centric solution using mobile data (MND). RDIS is unique in being passenger focused and analysing passenger movements and time spent across the entire network.

No transport or mobility provider has ever had to contend with travel restrictions on this scale before. This new challenge needed true innovation. The need for a solution was immediate and RASIC responded rapidly, the rate of progress achieved can be attributed to being able to fully collaborate both within the consortium and across stakeholders – pooling knowledge and awareness.

‘to put the passenger first, the passenger needs to be understood. This project is a great example of the type digital transformation of information that can transform the travel experience for millions of passengers. We have worked as one integrated team with Network Rail, TfL RDG, and TOC’s to develop this system. The result is a best in class use of mobile phone data that is driving common understanding of railway operations from the passenger perspective.’

Marcus Mayer Managing Director and Founder of RASIC.

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