Highway workers using Re-flow management software



Re-flow makes chasing emails, paper trails and endless phone calls a thing of the past.

Re-flow is field management software that puts you back in control with real-time job, document and workflow management, showing you where your team are, what they’re working on and what information they’re collecting.

Companies in construction, highways, landscaping, civil engineering and telecoms use our software to improve operational efficiency, save time and money and stay focused on getting the job done.

Key benefits of Re-flow


Issues are commonplace in any industry, but with remote sites, it often means putting out fires comes at the expense of travel time and money. That’s just how it is, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. When you can resolve and manage issues as they happen, straight from your office, you gain the flexibility to spend your energy where it matters.


Instant communication means that both you and your operatives can have all the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Upload instruction manuals, handbooks and anything else you need to make sure everyone’s in the loop. Enough digging through dusty filing cabinets for obscure, outdated documents.

It’s all in one place, all up to date, right in your pocket.


Sending out forms, scheduling jobs, transcribing information. These aren’t just minor inconveniences. They’re hundreds of hours, and thousands of pounds. Why continue the most tedious part of the business, when you could do it instantly?

Update schedules, share information, get forms, all in one place.

There doesn’t have to be more to it, it’s just that simple.


Accidents on-site are decided by split-second decisions. When lives are at stake, you need a system that can keep up. Specific forms such as site audits, RAMS and vehicle checks can be drawn up in minutes.

All incidents and issues can be recorded in seconds. NEBOSH, IOSH & ISO 9001 standards can be controlled with the swipe of your finger. All in one place.


Compliance is paramount for a safe and efficient workplace. Worried about cut corners, misunderstood forms and improper processes?

It’s time to get some peace of mind. Easy and flexible digital forms leave no room for interpretation and shortcuts. GPS, date, time and electronic signature are stored with every form – information that lets you rest easy.