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RED CCTV Protecting People, Property and the Planet since 2012

Red CCTV is a leading site security company based in the UK that work with the very latest technologically advanced systems. We have produced a unique range of Eco smart CCTV systems using technology such as High Definition and Thermal CCTV cameras, video analytics whilst using low voltage, hybrid, fuel cell and stand alone green power such as solar and turbine.

By providing excellent “green” security solutions and customer care to our client base, we have helped our clients reduce their carbon footprint and of course …..costs!

Red CCTV are constantly searching for newer, smarter, more innovative solutions. If something doesn’t exist our research and development team will set about creating it. We now have our own exciting range of products – including the HALO CCTV Tower System and the HALO Shield product range which includes body temperature screening, track-and-trace facial recognition and a contactless access system to name but a few.

We work with some of the UK’s leading building, construction, rail and utilities companies, as well as retail and commercial landlords.

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Providing UK rail safety solutions

Red CCTV is proud to have worked on some of the highest-profile rail projects in the UK.
We have provided bespoke rail security solutions to various security issues for the industry’s best-known contracts.

Projects have ranged from Crossrail to the East Coast Mainline upgrade, HS2 preparatory work and the West Coast main line.

Red CCTV have provide innovative smart CCTV solutions to sites and compounds, providing live feeds and around the clock monitoring to deter potential intruders and provider crucial evidence when required.

Aside from protecting property, plant and equipment, our systems are designed to improve health and safety on site allowing clients live access to feeds with remote control and audio access.

The launch of our Halo Shield body temperature monitoring control systems enabled the rail industry to continue working safely in spit of the Covid-19 pandemic, and our Halo Access A-Pod contactless site access system provides a new future for rail site access.

Crucially, our unique fuelling methods have achieved all of the above whilst reducing – and in some cases totally eliminating – harmful CO2 emissions, and thus reducing the carbon footprint of our clients and their fuel bills.

Red CCTV strives to keep its accreditations and qualifications (both as a company and for staff members) up-to-date in order to react quickly, quietly and efficiently to any problem it’s clients may have.

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