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S and L Roberts (Railway Consulting) Ltd

About us

S and L Roberts (Railway Consulting) Ltd is dedicated to making the railway system safer, high performing and cost efficient.

We do this by working with our clients so that knowledge and incite to improve the railway becomes embedded within the client organisation.

We recognise that on our own we can change nothing but together we can change the world (or at least the railway)

ATOC, Bombardier, Bridgeway Consulting, LRSSB, RDG, RSSB, CER, TOCs, FOCs, Network Rail, Winder Phillips, Fraser Nash, film companies and the British Judicial Service

We are grateful to the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board (LRSSB) for choosing us to develop and deliver a number of Light Rail Sector Standards for them.

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as a subcontractor to Fraser Nash to work on a RSSB research project concerning the use of blanket speed restrictions by Network Rail. The project commences in October 2021.

We are proud to represent the GB by rail industry at the Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies as a member and former Chair of the Operations TSI Support Group. This Group supports the EU Agency for Railways on two Working Parties concerning ERTMS and General Operations. The CER appointed us, until BREXIT, as one of its representatives on the ERA OPE TSI Working Party and the Task Force for the Train Driver Licensing Directive.

Our Work

We are pleased to announce that with RJ Roels Ltd we have been chosen by RSSB to undertake a project on low adhesion.

After refreshing the West Somerset Railway’s Safety Management System, we are pleased to continue helping them with their supporting documentation.

We are currently supporting Network Rail within their T190+ research programme.

Working with our friends at Bridgeway Consulting we helped deliver a RACI against over 70 Company Standards for a Network Rail region.

We author Guidance Notes for the Rail Delivery Group focusing on practical advice to TOCs to enable them to improve their businesses whilst increasing safety.

With our friends from Winder Phillips, we contributed to the Network Rail Flexible Control Centre project.

We advised Pukka Films enabling them to win a tender for the production of a railway safety video for the EU Agency for Railways.