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About us

Keeping you safe is at the heart of everything we do. With 4 decades of experience and a proven reputation for quality and innovation you can trust us to deliver the right PPE solution for you. Our commitment to our customers is at the core of our latest development, Mi365

Experts in ppe and safety workwear

Safeaid is a leading, specialist supplier of PPE and safety workwear to its core industry sectors: Rail, Aggregates and Utilities.

With 45 years of health and safety expertise and with a focus on quality and compliance, we have built a reputation, product range and service that our customers can rely on.

Trust runs down the line

Trust and confidence should be pre-requisites when choosing your PPE supplier. You need to be certain that your workforce is not at risk of injury from non-compliant PPE and the reputation of your company is not at risk of damage as a result. With so much at stake, procurement decisions must be taken wisely and based on factors other than price alone.

Safeaid is a renowned, credible source of Safety Critical Equipment and PPE and holds multiple, universally recognised quality performance certificates.