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About Us

SatSense makes high quality ground movement data accessible.

SatSense takes readings from radar satellite and converts it to high resolution ground movement data (InSAR). This data is automatically updated every 6 days and stored for online access by our customers and partners, or can be integrated directly into customers’ own monitoring platforms and dashboards.

Identify areas at higher risk of movement, monitor known movements, raise early warning alerts.

The Team

Our technology was originally developed at the University of Leeds by internationally renowned academics, Professors Andy Hooper and Tim Wright.

The team have a range of academic and commercial experience across geophysics, technology and engineering and are being supported by some important names in technology including Network Rail. The team are based in Leeds, UK but have customers around the globe.

Products include a data portal to allow customers to purchase and assess historic movements over areas of interest, automated monitoring of assets for movement, alerts / early warnings for movement, and regular reporting of observed movements.

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How SatSense Works

Unrivalled Measurement Density
SatSense’s algorithms convert satellite data from Sentinel-1 and other satellites into datasets that provide accurate data on ground movements.

Continuous Updates Every Six Days
This ground movement data is stored online for immediate access by our customers and partners which is updated on a continual basis every six days.

Derived Products to Meet Your Exact Needs
The resolution of our technology allows us to offer ground movement data at a property level. Our data is applicable to the conveyancing and insurance markets but can also be used as a maintenance solution for large assets such as dams, water and gas pipeline networks.

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