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About Us

Selectequip is a specialist business covering Design, Manufacture and installation of standard and bespoke signage products for internal and external use with national coverage.

Innovation is what we do and what makes us tick.

From creating the first sustainable Point ID plates to developing the world’s first Mobile Expandable Wellbeing Unit in 2020, Selectequip is always striving to add value and make a difference. Our passion is not limited to any industry, and our clients range from Rail to Retail – and every sector in between.

As firm believers in the power of collaboration, we have recently joined the Access Point Alliance, Fish Plate Joint Alliance, and the Fringe Collective partnerships. Although these partnerships span across the Rail, Golf, and Safety industries, they have one crucial thing in common. Each partnership is committed to protecting people across the globe with innovative safety and welfare solutions provided by the industry’s very best.

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Introducing Selectequip Signage Services

Selectequip Signage is a signage and design company that provides end-to-end signage services, including design, print, surveying and installation.

Initially created as the signage manufacturing arm of Selectequip Ltd, Selectequip Signage has transformed into a printing powerhouse with a diverse team of graphic designers, production experts, signage surveyors and installation specialists.

Today, Selectequip Signage works with a variety of national clients and local businesses across an ever-growing range of sectors, from Rail to Retail and everything in between.

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