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About Us

Slingco is a world-leading supplier of cable pulling grips, (Chinese fingers, socks as formally known) together with associated products including swivels, connectors wire rope assemblies and cable protectors. We have evolved into an expert design and manufacturing operation, producing a wide range of high quality stainless/galvanised steel, or non-metallic pulling grips.

Our products are renowned for high performance in quality-critical applications, the company has ISO9001 quality assured design and manufacturing facilities in the UK and India. Design is at the core of the business and the in-house product development team bring innovative new products to market, as well as testing and enhancing the performance of existing ranges.

Slingco’s headquarters are based in the UK with a sales and warehousing facilities in the USA. Backed by excellent stock levels in both locations, we have distributed our products all around the world, making heavy-duty cable and conductor installation and support a whole lot easier for people working in industries as varied as wind energy, oil & gas, subsea, power utilities, rail, aerospace, automotive, construction and more.

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About Slingco

Whatever the industry, whether you are looking for a simple pulling or support grip, swivel, wire rope sling or complete rigging system we offer literally thousands of products – off the shelf or custom made to order for fast delivery. We can supply component parts such as wire rope, shackles, connectors and ferrules. From lifting hardware, blocks and tools to lifting loops and sockets from tail lift spares to winch ropes, control cables to canopy supports Slingco really does have it all.

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