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Snap-on Industrial provides solutions for critical industries such as Aerospace, Education, Energy and Natural Resources, Defence and Government, Maintenance, Transportation, Manufacturing and Assembly.

At Snap-on Industrial we have one goal: to enhance your productivity. With a dedicated team located in the UK, we have the capability to develop customised programs and solutions to meet your production and asset management needs.

As part of a global Industrial business we specialise in ‘business to business’ relationships. If your company is responsible for the procurement of your tools, we can help.


Snap-on Industrial designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of tools and equipment to manufacture, maintain and repair railway tracks, signalling and rolling stock.

Our hand and power tools, torque wrenches, inspection tools, diagnostic instruments, storage systems, workshop equipment, mobile tool stores and workshop containers, all deliver exceptional reliability and value.

We also offer advanced productivity programmes such as our Level 5 tool control and security system which gives you total control of tools, consumables, plant and equipment.


Introducing a tool storage and control system engineered to automatically track individual tools by user without bar codes, scanners, RFID tags or other add-ons.


The better organized you are, the easier it is to do the job properly. We start with a complete tool audit of a Snap-on Solutioneer. Together we determine what level of tool control you need. We design a special tool set to meet your specific requirements.


Finding the right tool for the job can take even more time if it is difficult to spot. With our solutions for better visibility we shorten the search for the right tool and thus the time in which the tool is not in use. Easily visible tool handles, coloured foam inserts, boards and toolbox organizers increase the visibility of the tools and the productivity of your team.


Do not use keys that can be lost or shared with others. Our tool storage facilities are equipped with Keyless Access Control. This gives your team access to the tools they need. You can configure the tool control to work with magnetic cards, barcodes, PINs and proximity cards. With our proprietary software, you can control access from a system or network. Access control maintains productivity and keeps unauthorized users away.


How would it be if you could track your valuable tools from one place? With the Level 5 Tool Control System, you can do it. It provides complete reports on everything you want to keep an eye on. You will even be informed when a tool needs to be refilled or ordered. Our solutions preserve your valuable tools. You always have an overview.


Minimizing human error maximizes productivity and minimizes the risk to FOD and FME. Automated Tool Control automatically handles tool control and tracking. Whether using RFID tags to track large devices or digitally scan each drawer, our systems detect which tools have been removed or added. Each tool is tracked by part number and user. You keep an eye on productivity without interrupting work.


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