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We capture carbon and renewable energy from waste using a low-cost sustainable alternative. Most non-recyclable plastics and other wastes are burnt or buried, adding to environmental issues and atmospheric CO2. Our technology helps protect the planet by removing carbon and harnessing the energy rich resources that society is unable to recycle . The advanced thermal cracking technology used in our SG100 plant transforms waste into a clean synthesis gas (syngas) and biochar that captures and removes carbon. It does not burn waste, so has no problematic emissions. It will transform the management of society’s waste from a problem into a solution. Our Mission is to make a significant contribution in mitigating and reversing the negative environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change. Our Vision is to see our efficient carbon-removing, clean, renewable energy-from-waste technology implemented worldwide. Our technology will materially impact society’s efforts to achieve a Net Zero carbon economy. It helps to end landfill, incineration and waste exports, while generating fossil-fuel replacing energy for homes, buildings, industry and transportation, and feedstock for chemical production. Our Values are anchored in the UN Global Compact with a commitment to operating in ways that reflect our fundamental responsibility for the environment, human rights, labour and ethical, legal business practices – for our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

We are certified ‘End of Waste’ from the UK Environment Agency

Our syngas is tar-free, certified as clean as natural gas, with market-leading ‘End of Waste’ certification from the UK Environment Agency (EA). It can be used to generate electricity, steam and heat, or processed via methanation into transportation fuels, chemical feedstock, and for grid injection. Coupled with electrolysis, the SG100 can generate over 650 tonnes a year of green hydrogen.

SG100 biochar captures and removes carbon, and has value in a variety of applications

Comprising 10%-15% of the SG 100’s total output, biochar captures and removes carbon. It also has valuable uses in soil stabilisation and conditioning, as a fuel, in fertilizers and construction aggregates

Clean power for businesses and homes

Processing up to 48,000 tonnes of waste a year, our tennis court-size SG100 plant will on average generate up to 40,000 megawatt hours of power and remove up to 18,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Rapid planning and permitting

As our SG100 technology qualifies as an energy producer under the Environment Agency’s Industrial Emissions Directive, plant planning and permitting takes months not years.

Now, as we commercialise our patent-protected process, our commitment is to provide partners and customers with great service, delivery and performance underpinned by great technology.


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