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About us

STAT1 should be your ‘go-to’ security services provider. Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to safeguarding businesses, individuals, and assets across the rail sector. We have planned it that way.

As a Uniformed and Public Service veteran, with more than 40 years of experiences in the security and surveillance industry, we have much to offer clients. We only use SIA Licensed security officers, are also holders of the renowned Constructionline GOLD Accreditation, and have the SSIP Acclaim security certificate so our team of highly skilled professionals have the experience to provide the highest standards of protection.

So why choose private security?

The current nature of community infrastructure is one that is failing and needs support from stand-alone private security organisations to minimise a variety of offences, such as criminal damage, theft, offences against the person. There is more need than ever before to have support as unfortunately our local police are facing unprecedented levels of strain owing to funding cuts and officer shortages.

Without the resources, emergency control centres will only dispatch officers to the most urgent high priority jobs and consequently less serious crimes, are not sufficiently meaty enough to dedicate officers towards and this can also be witnessed where even attempted break-ins or burglaries now regularly go unattended.

Private security firms, such as STAT1, are indispensable in the effort to prevent crime. We devise customised plans and solutions to safeguard against theft, vandalism, arson, and any other illegal activity. Most businesses do not regularly consider how ill-prepared they are to handle crime, and how important it is to have private security on standby until it is too late. We would encourage everyone to take their security seriously and to be proactive.

How does it work?

At the beginning of our conversation, it is important to have an honest discussion about the security status of the business and its premises. If you do not have any security measures in place, we will take our discussion from there and help create a plan of action.

If you have something, including a current service provider, then we talk openly and are honest about what we might hear but we will not denigrate the other efforts being made. There are ways we can act independently and suggest ways forward, at that stage our advice would be professionally suggested.

Why choose manned guarding?

Manned guarding is the physical presence of a security officer. It is a highly effective way of eliminating a variety of criminal offences. Showing a proactive stance is a good enough start to discourage criminal attention in a high percentage of cases.

A significant responsibility of security officers is to identify signs of suspicious activity and further deter criminal attention. They are trained to be vigilant, diligent, and observant to prevent and deflect crime so by acting as the first line of defence, they also happen to be the first chance for your company to make an impression on your visitors to the site and let’s face it, seldom do we ever get a second chance to make a first impression.

Security Officers are the ‘gate keepers’ and responsible for maintaining a safe environment for your employees, visitors, and the organisation itself.

We also make sure our operatives are mentored and supervised correctly. An Area Manager will also pay attention to the site and our provision to the client. These professional interventions bolster the physical ability and visual deterrent portrayed towards any potential intruders, who might have ‘bad intentions’ to your organisation or the site itself.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (or a pen test) is a security exercise where we test premises for weaknesses that could be exploited by criminals. We create a simulation where experts will attempt to gain entry whilst avoiding any cameras, locks, fences or even security guards! The “pen test” will expose the vulnerabilities, assess the impact of the breech zone, and lead us to solutions.

These solutions are where we speak with the client organisation and actively test out our own provision on the site or we are engaged to actively test out someone else’s services that you might currently be taking. We are open and honest and the only way to improve things for the organisation and the security officers is for us to be proportionate and open to professional feedback.

Penetration Testing is followed up with a detailed report which lists the evidence to corroborate the test. It enables organisational and professional development; it is intended to be fair and proportionate.

We enjoy helping people and organisations to become more effective and professional.

In summary, STAT1 want the absolute best for our clients and staff, to keep it plain and simple if your main consideration is a cheap solution rather than quality outcomes we might not be suited.

STAT1 understands the importance of reliable security and the ‘peace of mind’ it delivers for our clients. We have a long history of working with professionals, we know, like and trust, because they are experienced, dependable and do what they are supposed to do and what we jointly expect of them!

We will never employ individuals who are simply there to ‘fill a vest’!