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We help our clients keep their trains running, wind turbines turning when the wind is blowing, and fighter jets ready for action. Simply put, we help companies and government agencies find the optimal balance between capacity, performance, and cost.

Performance and cost – that is what it boils down to. In all contexts and projects where Systecon and Opus Suite are involved, the common denominator is the drive to increase cost-effectiveness. This is usually the case for a fleet of systems, for example, fighter jets, naval ships, rail vehicles, or wind turbines. We provide our clients with expertise, know-how, and the world’s most competent LCM analytics platform, making it possible to optimize the technical design, operations, and support solution, so that availability, sustainability, and flexibility can be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

Cost-effectiveness is key for any organization that operates, produces, or maintains advanced technical systems. In every industry and scenario, there are differences in how this is defined and monitored. For rail transport, this may involve balancing the requirements for punctuality and regularity against total costs. In the energy sector, it may involve minimizing disturbances to production while ensuring that required margins are kept. In the defense industry, the focus may be on maximizing readiness and availability at an affordable total cost of ownership.

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Meet Opus Suite, Systecon´s analysis-driven LCM solution that lets you evaluate both your traffic system´s performance and its cost.

Opus Suite is the leading solution for decision support within Life Cycle Management, using digital twin models of systems and logistic support scenarios, cutting-edge optimization, simulation, and analytics.

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You can discover more about analytical LCM both online and in-person at industry events. With global reach and coverage, we look forward to meeting you!

We´d love to hear more about your challenges and needs and share best practices from the industry. So, check out the destinations and book your meeting with our team on tour.

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Welcome to our Knowledge Center! Explore our training courses, articles, white papers, news collection, events and more on topics such as Life Cycle Management, Asset Management, Modelling & Simulation, Optimization, LCC and Cost Analysis, Supportability and many other areas.

And if you want to know more how Opus Suite can help you, get in touch.

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LCM – Shouldering Thru-Life Responsibility

Watch this executive webinar on Life Cycle Management, its overarching mindset, and methodologies followed by true case studies illustrating the power and applicability of analysis-driven LCM.

Dr. Patrik Alfredsson
Senior Partner, Systecon

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Our User Community

The Defense sector has the largest and longest-standing Opus Suite user community, but there is a growing number of clients within the Rail, Aviation, and Energy sectors.

Rail & Transport clients include:

  • Transport For London
  • Danish Rail (DSB)
  • Korea Rail Road Corporation, KORAIL
  • Oslo Sporveien
  • SBS Transit
  • Singapore Land Transport

Rail Transport & Systecon

Railway systems are characterized by large, long-term investments and fast-paced operational environments.

Whether it’s mass transit or freight, rail transport relies heavily on successful operations. Needless to say, is punctuality critical in a system where everything from train paths to dwell times at platforms, is carefully planned with the operation of the total network in mind. Being on time is a vital part of the service quality, and lack of punctuality can be costly, not only for the customers and the operator but also for the other operators sharing the railway infrastructure.

  • Do I have enough vehicles to meet my timetable?
  • Is the current depot capacity large enough?
  • What holds my vehicles away from traffic?
  • When should we carry out maintenance?
  • What are the biggest cost drivers?
  • What will it cost to run and maintain the new fleet?

What does it take to be on time, and how can it be achieved with cost efficiency?

It takes reliability and availability in rolling stock, infrastructure, and support systems, a great deal of planning, and cost awareness and control. Having the proper tools and methods in place to balance the RAM (Reliability Availability Maintainability) properties of your fleet and its support system against Life Cycle Cost (LCC) is key for long-term success.

More about Systecon

For over 50 years Systecon has developed methods and software that allow organizations across the globe in different industries, from defense to renewables to transport, to make informed, smarter decisions in life cycle management. We have the methodology, tools, and experience to understand and analyze the factors that affect your performance and costs of a fleet of technical systems – e.g., aircraft, trains, or wind turbines – and to optimize operations, system design, and maintenance solutions based on your conditions and objectives. Every day, Systecon and our software Opus Suite contribute to informed decisions and cost-effective solutions in research, development, production, procurement, and operations in hundreds of companies and government authorities in more than 20 countries on five continents. Today Systecon is a thought leader in analytical LCM and some of the world’s most complex technology projects rely on our tools and expertise.

Opus Suite – Life Cycle Management Software for Complex Technical Systems

The world-leading software suite enables data-driven decision-making and helps predict and assess the impact of your decisions on performance and cost, during the system’s entire life cycle. Digital twin modeling and fast accurate analysis, optimization, and simulation that is used by hundreds of companies, defense forces, and suppliers worldwide to optimize technical design and support system design to ensure readiness, cost-effectiveness, and mission success.