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TenBroekeCo is an independent international advisory company, focused on the delivery of major infrastructure projects. We use collaborative working practices to ensure everyone is focused on delivering an infrastructure asset that meets the needs of our clients, and their end users.

We ensure our clients understand the true risks at any point in time during an infrastructure project. We provide the right advice to enable you to make the best decision for your organisation to achieve effective and profitable results.

We have built significant global, cross-industry knowledge about all aspects of infrastructure projects. Through our network of specialist associates, we will provide the best knowledge available.

Independent. Integrated. Consultancy. Delivery.

We understand how railway and telecoms infrastructure plays a critical role in the development of supportive communities and productive cross-country and international relations. Our aim is to assist organisations and governments to develop integrated rail and telecom systems that enable better connectivity, bringing people closer together and facilitating greater trade and prosperity.

Crossrail, London

Crossrail Ltd, established in 2001, was set up to build the new railway that will be known as the Elizabeth line when it opens through central London in 2018/19.

We were asked to support the Board of Directors, in particular the Managing Director of Crossrail during this process. Our role was to bring together all the relevant information to answer questions for the Select Committees across many aspects of the project. This included confirmation of the business case, construction and operational design solutions and consequent briefing of the Parliamentary Agent’s legal team.

TenBroekeCo was heavily involved in cost/benefit analysis, land surveys for the line and the ‘safeguarding’ of land required (temporary / permanent) for use during construction and later management of Crossrail. We oversaw the co-ordination of the engineering design of the 91km surface rail network, and the associated consultations and negotiations with third parties in order to demonstrate that the proposals were deliverable.


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