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Tended is on a mission to transform workplace health and safety and put an end to preventable accidents and fatalities.

We’re changing the face of rail safety with geofencing technology that combines high precision positioning wearables with behavioural science. Recognising the role of human factors in accidents, all of our solutions are developed around psychology and human behaviours to help solve complex safety challenges. This approach of combining technology and behavioural science has resulted in us winning multiple awards, including our most recent award at the Railway Innovation Awards.

We’re investing over £2m every year into cutting-edge technology and psychology research to develop innovative solutions to improve safety in high-risk environments. We have worked with industry leaders, including Network Rail, Siemens, and AmcoGiffen, that use Tended to make meaningful changes to improve safety standards.

Create a safer, more efficient working environment for trackside workers with Tended’s advanced geofencing solution.

What is geofencing?

A geofence is a virtual perimeter, much like a physical fence but is instead defined by digital coordinates. The virtual lines that join each of those points are combined to create a digital representation of a physical boundary. Geofences can then be used to trigger an event when a user enters or exits a boundary, such as issuing an alert or sending out a notification.

Improve the safety of your track workers with Tended’s geofencing technology

Due to the safety-critical nature of trackside environments, ensuring the safety of track workers can be challenging. Human factors, such as fatigue and concentration lapses, can lead to a loss of situational awareness, increasing the risk of near misses and accidents.

Tended’s geofencing technology helps drive safety and efficiency improvements across rail projects by enhancing worker situational awareness. It helps to keep track workers within safe working limits and away from hazardous areas. No prior onsite set up or local infrastructure requirements mean you can rapidly deploy the solution, saving you valuable project time and costs.

How it works

Tended’s solution is made up of two elements – an online Planning Dashboard and wearable device. Using the Planning Dashboard, planners can overlay geofence zones onto their worksite to define safe work zones and map out safe access points. Additional information, such as ELRs, miles and chains, line speeds and accurate measurement tool provides quick access to details to aid in the planning of safe working zones.

Once set, a small wearable alerts track workers should they exit safe working limits, helping them regain situational awareness and move back to safety. Using geospatial technology, our wearables can position workers to incredible accuracy of between 1 and 2 centimetres. The wearable’s alerts are designed to nudge workers into safer behaviours, helping to promote safer decisions and actions over time.

Tended’s solution also extends to the positioning of critical protection equipment. Planners can accurately plot the location of assets, including marker and possession limit boards, as defined in the safe work pack. Once placed onsite, the planned and live location of the equipment is displayed in the Planning Dashboard so that correct placement can be checked against the plan. This helps prevent equipment from being placed on the wrong line, and verifies no assets are left onsite when works are completed.

Approved for use on rail infrastructure

Having been developed and tested alongside Network Rail’s Safety Task Force since 2020, Tended’s geofencing technology has received product acceptance from Network Rail in September 2022 and is now being deployed on the UK’s rail network. It is also fully compliant with Network Rail’s new geofencing standard NR/L2/OHS/501 Module W4.

“Tended allows us to better protect our teams in a way that hasn’t been done before by using innovation in safety.

“Our commitment to keeping our track workers safe is absolute and uncompromising. Tended shares that commitment and what impressed me is that they have designed a product that puts the user first. Our people were very impressed with device accuracy. This is essential in building trust and confidence. 

“The planning dashboard is intuitive and easy to use which is vital in ensuring the geofence aligns with the overall plan.  Importantly, using Tended means we don’t need to install any onsite beacons, so we can deploy really quickly, maintaining our speed in responding to our clients’ requirements.”

Andy Crowley, Operations Director, AmcoGiffen