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Tended is changing the face of rail safety by combining behavioural science with revolutionary technology.

Founded in 2017, Tended has grown into an internationally recognised and award-winning deep-tech startup. We’re reinventing the way technology and behavioural science are combined to improve safety on the railway, helping to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.

Create a safer, more efficient working environment for trackside workers with Tended’s advanced geofencing solution.

What is geofencing?

A geofence is a virtual perimeter, much like a physical fence but is instead defined by digital coordinates. The virtual lines that join each of those points are combined to create a digital representation of a physical boundary. Geofences can then be used to trigger an event when a user enters or exits a boundary, such as issuing an alert or sending out a notification.

Create highly accurate exclusion zones that keep your trackside workers safe

Every year, trackside workers are fatally injured while working on the UK’s rail network and in 2020/21 alone, 3,290 workforce injuries were reported. One local incident with a trackside worker can disrupt the entire national rail network with emotional, human and financial costs.

Tended’s geofencing technology helps you ensure the safety of every trackside worker so you can deliver safer, more efficient projects. Our solution helps keep your workers within safe working limits and away from hazardous areas. No prior onsite set up or local infrastructure requirements mean you can rapidly deploy the solution, saving you valuable project time and costs.

Built for safety-critical environments, Tended’s solution has been rigorously tested alongside Network Rail, ​​undergoing two years of R&D and used in live environments with their frontline trackside workers. It has been developed to perform at a consistently high standard, and designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. With numerous fail-safe systems, up to 20 hour battery life and sub-10cm accuracy, you can be confident your teams have the most reliable safety solution available.

Recognising that between 80-90% of occupational accidents are caused by human error, Tended focuses on human factors and places behavioural science and psychology at the forefront of product design. The wearable’s alerts are designed to nudge workers into safer behaviours, helping to promote safer decisions and actions over time. Dashboard analytics provide breach statistics that help formulate evidence-based safety improvement policies.

With behavioural science at the core of everything that we do, Tended has also developed a safety culture improvement solution that uses science-backed tools to build a strong safety culture and drive safe behaviours in the workplace. This tool can be used in addition to Tended’s geofencing technology to target areas for improvement in your safety culture and further cement safe behaviours on the railway. You can learn more about our safety culture solution here.

Tended and Unipart Rail

We’ve partnered with Unipart Rail to support with the delivery of our geofencing solution to our customers.

Combining Unipart Rail’s extensive industry knowledge and Tended’s technical expertise, we can deliver a comprehensive service and rapid deployment. Our geofencing solution is available as a hired, leased, managed service or sale and we provide all functions to support its effective deployment, including end-user and administrator training, logistics and nationwide distribution.