Transmission Dynamics

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Company overview

Transmission Dynamics are pioneers in introducing the latest technological solutions to the market.

Our IoT devices are installed in rail gearboxes, axle boxes, bolts, pantographs, escalators, engines, transmissions, and more.

We are adept at solving complex problems which drives our IoT product range to revolutionise remote condition monitoring and asset management. Creating our own data by designing bespoke sensors and instrumenting challenging industrial applications. Our range of telemetry systems is used to recover in-service data from the most demanding industrial applications and environments.

Using our own Global Data Network® and intelligent data automation we monitor assets globally from the convenience of any mobile office.

Latest awards

Partnership Award, Railway Industry RISE Awards 2023 – Trains with Brains project.

Innovation of the Year Award, Rail Business Awards 2023 Pandas-V® system.

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Award, Venture Fest North East Innovation Showcase – Transmission Dynamics.

Innovation Award in the Northumberland and Tyneside heat of the North East Business Awards 2023 – Trains with Brains project.

Engineering and Manufacturing Awards, Design Team of the Year award – Pandas-V® system.

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