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Making An Impact Where Weight Drives Performance

IRIS, ISO9001 and DIN6701 approved, TRB is a Tier 1 supplier to the UK and European train builders, providing high-quality, lightweight solutions and has been manufacturing high-quality rail doors and rail interior products for over 40 years.

This includes passenger doors, detrainment doors, composite door leaves, catering modules, bike storage areas, universal access toilet modules, structural partitions, train manager offices and magazine racks.

All solutions are supplied fully assembled, featuring components such as doors, glazing, lights and electrical sockets.

TRB offers a concept to delivery service, which includes design, build, test and validation of products. Our knowledge of the rail industry standards and requirements ensures a smooth development and approval process. TRB has extensive experience with both new train builds and refurbishment of existing trains.

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TRB Rail Solutions

Rail Doors

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TRB designs, builds, paints and assembles the operating mechanism, as well as installs a wide variety of doors, ranging from simple hinged doors to complex, plug-slide doors and fold-out steps. In-house test rigs can accommodate all types of testing from load to simulated evacuation tests.

Rail Floors, Ceilings and Partitions

Structural composites (including aluminium bonded structures) are a key feature in high-speed applications and are used in a number of products, including floors and partitions.

Where critical structures are required not only to provide stiffness and carry load as per. GM /RT 2100 and fire resistant to BS6853 Cat 1A and EN45545-HL3, but also to provide impact resistance, then composite structures provide significant benefits combine with weight savings. By selecting the correct material combinations we can design, validate and manufacture compliant designs to suit the end goal.

Rail catering, toilet modules and bespoke areas

Composite structures can provide a simple lightweight solution to all your interior requirements. Panels can be manufactured with minimal tooling costs and profiled to produce a flat pack kit of parts that can be bonded and assembled to produce compliant structures for use in any part of a rail vehicle.

Edges can be capped with bespoke extrusions or moulded sections, all fittings, grab rails, and glazed items can also be supplied, and surfaces can be coated, painted, or HPL applied.

All our products can be validated in accordance with GMRT 2100 and BS 6853 / EN45545 HL3.