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Upshot UK

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Upshot provides a range of Products, Services & Solutions to a wide range of clients here in the UK and overseas. We have developed over many years working for commercial, institutional and security organisations, an expertise both in aerial photography and below ground/ underwater. Aerial photography is where we started however there are many other aspects to our business such as building rapid deployment solutions, trailer masts. Given the nature of our work we cannot always advertise the scope of our experience, but however challenging your requirement, it is highly likely we’ve been there before. So even for the most complex of challenges; ‘we go further’ not just in our attitude to service, but physically too.

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As the UK's leading aerial photography and rapid deployment experts, we are the de facto choice for commercial, institutional and security organisations. Operating worldwide, we provide a wide range of Products, Services and Solutions including but not limited to aerial photography using our fleet of rapid deployment vehicles and UAV's where appropriate; thermal imaging, panoramics, line of site surveys, asset surveying, event surveillance, telecoms equipment maintenance, installation and repair, mobile mast supply and rental and design, fitting and supply of specialist surveillance vehicles and equally specialist lowering devices to reduce overhead on high-level lighting and surveillance equipment. With Upshot as a partner, the sky is not the limit.

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