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Urbis Schréder

+44 1256 354446

Based in Basingstoke, Urbis Schréder has been delivering high quality lighting since 1977. It is now one of the UK’s largest suppliers of street lighting and exterior decorative lighting equipment.  High technical quality and aesthetic design is at the heart of the company’ philosophy and this, coupled with exceptional levels of customer focus has led Urbis Schréder to develop the most cost effective, energy efficient, lighting innovations for the rail market in the UK. The ability to make a real difference in the spaces we light, to stretch the boundaries of what is possible, to delight our customers is what makes us unique. It is what makes us Experts in Lightability™.

Every train journey begins and ends in a station. The impression that railway stations leave on a traveller impacts their view of the whole rail network. Train stations also act as gateways to a new area. They are often the first experience that a traveller gets of a village, town or city. Today, railway stations operate around the clock and a modernisation programme is making railway stations fit for the 21st century, improving the passenger environment and looking to use cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to enable travellers to begin and complete journeys.

Rising fuel prices, the growing problem of road congestion and the need to move towards sustainability make rail more than ever the most appropriate means of transport. It is the way forward for the government and its plan “Decarbonising transport: a better, greener Britain”. High quality, yet energy-efficient and low-maintenance lighting provides a strategic asset for the development of a sustainable and beneficial railway infrastructure.