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About Us

Women in Rail is a charity founded in 2012 that works alongside major stakeholders in the industry to address the current gender balance and diversity challenges faced within the rail sector to close the skills gap. It aims to provide networking opportunities and support to women in UK rail and promote the sector as an attractive career option for young people. It comprises both men and women in the railway sector.

For a bigger and better future, the railway industry needs to reach a place where its workforce is diverse. To meet this objective, it is vital to support and develop female talent and promote rail as a career of choice. Women in Rail provides a support platform for all women working in UK rail. Across the country, the charity holds networking events for both women and men, empowering workshops, runs a successful mentoring programme and regularly showcases female roles and talent in UK rail.

Women in Rail was created to improve diversity in the UK rail industry through providing networking opportunities and support for all women within the sector, encourage undertakings and stakeholders to adopt diversity as a business strategy.

Women in Rail’s head office is in London with regional groups across the UK including Scotland, North West, Yorkshire, Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands and the South West.

Membership of Women in Rail is free.

The Women in Rail Awards aim to showcase and reward individuals and companies (large and small) who have made a significant contribution to improving gender balance, diversity and inclusion in the UK railway industry.

To find out more about the Charity and to sign up to become a member, visit: