Smart Component Technologies (SCT)

Smart Component Technologies (SCT) is at the forefront of condition monitoring for highly-critical industrial assets. We specialise in developing low-cost solutions for predictive maintenance and asset monitoring.

Our ground-breaking sensor technology transforms asset management and maintenance for industries with safety-critical assets, often in isolated locations.

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Severn Partnership Ltd

Severn Partnership are Chartered Geomatics (Land) surveyors with a reputation in rail established over 40 years.

We’re now a leading provider of Surveying, Mobile Mapping, Subsurface Mapping, 3D Modelling, Laser Scanning, Building Information Modelling and Visualisation services for infrastructure. Using the latest cutting edge innovative technology such as our Pegasus:Two Mobile Mapping system, we deliver your survey better, faster and safer.

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Sensonic pioneers the use of fiber optic vibration sensing, to deliver railway insights across multiple disciplines. Monitoring track condition, detecting trespass and cable security events, and alerting operators to natural hazards such as landslides or rock falls. Sensonic creates a digital twin / SonicTwin® of entire rail routes, to deliver historical, actual and predictive railway information, enabling railways to make better decisions.

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See Change International Consulting Ltd

See Change specialise in rail project management, offering sponsorship, consultancy, and training services.

With extensive UK and international experience, we excel in the governance and assurance of major rail projects.

Our training solutions encompass eLearning, team onboarding, and executive coaching, providing comprehensive support to project and operations staff.

Trust us for a proven track record, global reach, innovative solutions, and a dedicated team committed to your project’s success.

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STAT1 Limited

STAT1 are specialists in delivering tailored ‘manned guarding’ services to increase the safety of premises and safeguard all assets. Trained, SIA Licensed officers who are passionate, vigilant, and well-motivated will provide you with a truly first-class service. Every business and individual deserves to be secure and protected at work, so collaborate with us to meet your specific needs using our renowned services.

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SEP Rail Group

The UK’s fastest growing independent rail group, we support contractors, consultants and more, making tomorrow’s railway a better place.

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Seen Services

Seen Services provides a full suite of electrical, security and communications services in London, the Home Counties, and across the UK.

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Standard Gas

We capture carbon and renewable energy from waste using a low-cost sustainable alternative. Most non-recyclable plastics and other wastes are burnt or buried, adding to environmental issues and atmospheric CO2. Our technology helps protect the planet by removing carbon and harnessing the energy rich resources that society is unable to recycle.

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SCCS, part of Hexagon, is a specialist, technical business for the rental, sales and service of a diverse range of surveying, scanning, measurement, analytical and monitoring solutions.

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Performance and cost – that is what it boils down to. In all contexts and projects where Systecon and Opus Suite are involved, the common denominator is the drive to increase cost effectiveness.

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Stadler builds trains with customers in mind. We listen to our customers and work with them to design and build the ideal vehicle.

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STAUFF UK Ltd is a member of a global organisation with sales, distribution and service facilities in 18 countries.

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