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Aarvee Associates

An international design consultancy with 35 + years of experience working in India and Australia. With a UK base and over 3,000 directly employed worldwide staff we harness the power of global teams to deliver rail design and consultancy at scale to achieve unmatched cost efficiencies. We take pride in our unique resourcing services, which not only provide skilled and experienced resources but also ensure that their deliverables are thoroughly quality-checked and project managed.

We can provide accredited, experienced and competent consultants from various railway sub-systems to deliver your projects on time. We have highest standards of training and competence management in place to ensure compliance with local regulations, safety standards and required accreditations and licensing. Aarvee Engineers are engineering graduates and appropriately accredited with the relevant competences required to undertake the safety critical works.

Led by Directors Sneha Redla and Stirling Kimkeran, Aarvee Associates Ltd is committed to exceeding customer expectations. The multi-disciplinary design and engineering consultancy works to deliver reliable, high-quality services in two key areas:


Aarvee Associates Ltd helps rail organisations to bolster their existing teams when required, providing personnel skilled in:

  • Drafting (Micro-station, Auto-CAD, Civil 3D, 12D Model, Auto Desk).
  • 3D & 4D modelling.
  • BIM.
  • Scheme and Detailed Design.
  • Operational Modelling.
  • Signal (IRSE Licensed designers).
  • Track Design.
  • Civil Engineering.

Renowned for its timely and cost-effective solutions, the firm manages and quality-checks deliverables. The result – tailored solutions that enable clients to complete infrastructure projects easily and efficiently.

Bespoke design:

Aarvee Associates Ltd’s experienced, multi-disciplinary teams provide a range of services, including:

  • Support with complex, non-standard designs for specific aspects of a project.
  • Delivery of full projects (working on an assignment basis).
  • Enabling clients to scale and undertake larger projects by plugging resource gaps.

With a proven track record of coordinating remote teams, the company ensures that projects are handled efficiently and effectively.

Rail projects

Working across a wide range of transport infrastructure projects, Aarvee Associates Ltd has delivered:

  • Hydrology and hydraulic studies.
  • Earthworks and bridges.
  • Geotechnical studies.
  • Railway track alignment.
  • Overhead line equipment studies.
  • And more.