ABG Geosynthetics Ltd

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About us

ABG is a market leader in the design, development, manufacture and technical support of high-performance geosynthetic systems for use in a wide range civil engineering, environmental and sustainable building projects.

Formed in 1988 we are based in Meltham which is in the heart of the West Yorkshire Pennines. ABG has developed a reputation for innovation to develop our high-quality geosynthetics, while delivering outstanding project support and customer service.

Our technical expertise means we offer cost-effective solutions, and value engineering opportunities can be developed for many civil engineering problems.

Technical support on ABG systems is provided by the highly trained Technical department, many of whom are Chartered Civil Engineers. The support extends to full design services, design validation, feasibility studies, cost advice and advice on meeting regulatory requirements.

As well as project-specific support ABG is heavily involved in developing and driving knowledge within our active markets; including working with both local and international regulatory bodies on developing guidance and best practices on the use of innovative geosynthetics to solve complex engineering issues.

Rail & Tram

Rail construction projects require geosynthetic solutions for applications including track-bed separation, embankment stabilisation, slope erosion control, structural drainage, tunnel drainage and access road reinforcement. Geosynthetics provide many benefits over traditional techniques for the rail industry.

ABG offer a comprehensive range of geosynthetics suited to rail and tramway applications. Whether you are looking at earthworks and embankment construction, structural drainage for tunnels and bridges, or permanent way works ABG geosynthetics offer multiple benefits.

All ABG products come with design advice and technical guidance from our in house Chartered Civil Engineers. Our experience across many areas of infrastructure means we can ensure that you get the right product for your specific rail application.