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Company overview

Launched in 1987, Ampetronic Ltd is a pioneering provider of audio induction loop systems (also referred to as T loops or hearing loop systems). Its products work with cochlear implants and hearing aids, enhancing the lives of those with hearing loss by making amplified sound clearer in busy spaces.

Now, Ampetronic Ltd is helping to meet the growing, worldwide demand for assistive listening solutions on public transport, where noise levels can be particularly high. Its high-quality products are used to facilitate passenger/staff communication and transmit service broadcasts and emergency announcements. Suitable for both trams and trains, they are used by leading manufacturers – including Hyundai and Alstom.

Ampetronic Ltd is committed to providing true benefits, delivering whole systems rather than drivers, and educating its partners.

Ampetronic Ltd’s assistive listening solutions have a wide range of applications, including in the transport industry.

Transport infrastructure:

For hearing aid users, train stations often present a challenge. Issues include:

  • High levels of ambient noise.
  • Greater distances between listener and sound source.
  • Rooms structures that are complex and large.
  • The presence of metal in the building structure.
  • Overspill interfering with the signal.

Ampetronic Ltd’s systems offer consistent signal coverage in even the largest, most complex spaces, enabling organisations to communicate with hearing aid users and ensure that help points and public announcements are accessible. Suitable for temporary, new, or existing structures, they minimise the impact of metal, transmit through physical barriers, and reduce overspill (and, in turn, interference). This all serves to improve the travel experience for passengers with hearing loss, who can move freely around stations.

Onboard transport:

For hearing aid users, the onboard environment can prove equally challenging. This is due to:

  • Ambient noise.
  • Increased distance between sound source and listener (eg, when messages are transmitted via a public address system).
  • The presence of physical barriers between passengers and vehicle operators.

And employing assistive listening technologies on moving vehicles can also prove challenging. Issues range from magnetic interference and movement vibration to fluctuating temperatures and the presence of metal in the vehicle structure.

Ampetronic Ltd’s hearing loops enable train operators to communicate with passengers via their cochlear implant or hearing aid – no additional receivers are required. This makes information, public announcements, and even onboard entertainment more accessible, improving the passenger experience.

Developed with transport standards in mind, Ampetronic Ltd systems are not affected by vibration, magnetic noise, or structural metal, and can transmit messages through physical barriers.

Case study: tram-bus hybrid, Sweden

Ampetronic ltd’s XA88 hearing loop driver was deployed on Van Hool’s Exqui City, a biogas-electric tram-bus hybrid.