Artonezero Limited trading as Jnction

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Company overview

Powered by the latest technology, JNCTION’s innovative digital tools help organisations to boost network performance and improve customer experience. Putting passengers first, these solutions are developed by an in-house team of experts.

JNCTION’s product portfolio includes the Decision Support Tool and the CX Support App, which help platform and control staff to overcome key challenges around customer service and disruption. Its cutting-edge tools are employed by leading rail companies – from Arriva Rail and Northern to South Western Rail, MTR Elizabeth Line, LNER, and Network Rail. With its industry knowledge, committed team, and customer-focused approach, the company is a trusted partner to these organisations.

JNCTION products

Decision Support Tool

Using machine learning, AI techniques, and real-time data feeds, this innovative tool helps organisations to make well-informed decisions that improve passenger service.

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CX Support

This fully remote tool delivers real-time timetable and station information directly to passengers, improving satisfaction levels.

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An SaaS solution, developed to streamline communication between customers and staff during disruption.

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This pioneering tool supports autistic passengers as they travel on public transport, reducing stress and re-planning routes during disruption.

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Consultancy and data analytics

Using real-time data feeds, JNCTION’s consultancy practice helps clients to address complex challenges and make better decisions.

Its consultancy services are underpinned by AI techniques and advanced machine learning, which enable JNCTION to provide invaluable market insights.

End-to-end services include:

  • Identifying issues and gaps in company and developing solutions.
  • Production assistance.
  • Support with embedding project and running it independently.

These services cover software development, data analytics, benefits realisation, and software design.

Key project: timetable analysis, East London line

In the last decade alone, population growth, driver turnover, station interface changes, and the COVID-19 pandemic have negatively impacted performance along the East London line. Arriva Rail London asked JNCTION to help it address these issues, developing a Timetable Planning Rules Analysis tool.