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Digital Solutions for Rail, Delivered Differently

We’re helping our clients to embrace a new digital era to improve safety, performance and efficiency of rail infrastructure through a combination of:

Industry Knowledge

We bring a wealth of experience delivering digital programmes across complex, asset intensive, highly regulated, safety critical industries. We can translate effectively between rail users and software developers, leveraging a deep understanding of the people, systems and processes that underpin the operational railway.

Modern Technology

Our talented software development team are proponents of microservices, open-source and cloud as enablers of new ways to deliver modern web and mobile solutions. By supporting faster and more flexible development, we’re redefining how user-centric digital transformation can unlock value from data and deliver benefits to the frontline.

Relentless Customer Focus

We pride ourselves on our partnered delivery model that is underpinned by an agile framework, a mature approach to customer success and industry leading support services. Our customer centric approach ensures we create digital solutions that deliver lasting value to users.

To date, we have partnered with a range of leading rail organisations – including Network Rail and Transport for London to understand the challenges faced within the operational railway and how utilising data and implementing technology enabled solutions can help overcome them.

Award Winning Solutions

Railworks Coordinator

Railworks is transforming the way you plan, coordinate and deliver works with a centralised, collaborative workspace available across web and mobile devices.

Railworks removes the need for scattered spreadsheets and complex manual processes. The centralised digital seamlessly connects to your existing data sources, speeding up the work submission process with prepopulated data and significantly enhancing the quality of submissions through validation checks, providing a single version of the truth for all parties.

PodFlo – Possession Delivery Flo

PodFlo is the game-changing web and mobile application designed to transform the way you plan and deliver possessions, with safety and efficiency built-in.

The cloud hosted, digital possession management solution combines modern web and mobile capabilities, allowing users to intuitively prepare and execute possessions. The solution replicates the complex safety critical business logic that underpins the current process whilst maintaining real time comms, ensuring that all engineering works are completed safely and efficiently.

Framework management portal

Transform and streamline your framework procurement delivery

Our innovative Framework Management Portal streamlines your framework procurement process, enabling delivery teams across the supply chain to access real-time data quickly and easily via a single point of truth. With a wide range of customisable features and integrations, our web-based framework portal solution provides a flexible and scalable solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Engineering Digital Acceleration Platform (EDAPt)

Transport and infrastructure organisations are under pressure to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our Engineering Digital Acceleration Platform (EDAPt) incorporates a series of loosely coupled web components that add value to Transport & Infrastructure clients, supporting delivery of affordable applications at scale and speed.

Powered by Azure Cloud, EDAPt enables users to build bespoke applications, digitising their processes or modernising legacy systems.

Benefits include:

  • Faster delivery.
  • Improved performance.
  • Cloud enabled.
  • Cost-effective and flexible.