Bender UK Ltd

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Company overview

Part of the global Bender Group, Bender UK has a worldwide reputation for quality. The Cumbrian-headquartered company is committed to electrical safety, and has been working to achieve it for over 65 years.

Today, it keeps people and machines safe, using the latest technology to develop innovative solutions for a variety of sectors and applications. It partners with clients from planning to implementation, providing comprehensive advice and expert support. And, thanks to its dedicated service department, organisations can access this expertise whenever they need it.

A leading electrical safety specialist, Bender UK has been supporting the rail industry for decades. Its team has installed over 1,000 rail signal protection systems across the network, as well as supplying a range of monitoring, software, and predictive maintenance solutions.

Electrical safety for the rail network

A Network Rail-approved supplier, Bender UK develops its monitoring solutions in close partnership with industry leaders. And its expertise goes beyond signal power protection systems, which ensure that the network runs smoothly. It also develops:

  • Systems to monitor points heating units and motors.
  • Systems to control voltage network monitoring of railway crossings.
  • Solutions that monitor onboard systems and underground networks.
  • Predictive maintenance solutions.
  • Software for rail systems.

Rolling stock solutions

For railcars and locomotives

The drives that power locomotives and railcars are typically unearthed, and must be secured via an insulation monitoring device. Bender UK supplies insulation monitoring devices in an RW variant, which meets industry-specific requirements around vibration, shock, and temperature.

For block trains and carriages

Both passenger train carriages and refrigerated freight carriages require separate power supplies. Bender UK’s insulation monitoring devices detect faults early, while its insulation fault location devices pinpoint them, minimising risk to passengers, staff, and equipment.

Signalling power protection systems

Insulation monitoring and earth fault location technology: Bender UK’s intelligent systems help customers to find cable faults quickly and efficiently.

Points drive: Bender UK’s ISOMETER® detects insulation faults in the connection between points and signal box quickly, reducing downtime.

Points heating: ensuring that points remain safe and operational during the winter months.

Railway crossing/safety installations: ensuring that crossings and barriers continue to function effectively.

European Train Control System (ETCS)/Automatic train control system.

Safety lights/ track field illumination: insulation monitoring devices for safety and emergency lighting.

Building solutions

Railway stations: Bender UK’s RCMS residual current measurement system ensure that all onsite facilities continue to function in the event of an electrical fault.

Depots: Bender UK’s RCMS residual current monitoring system detects faults early, increasing system availability.

Tunnels: Bender UK provides safe power supplies in tunnels, enabling the emergency services to access them in the event of an accident.

Maintenance solutions

Health surveys for signal power systems: Bender UK’s expert health checks spot potential deterioration, measure system health, and ensure equipment is performing optimally.

Identification of insulation failure: EDS fault location systems, designed to precisely locate faults.

Periodic testing and inspection: helping to pinpoint potential safety risks and reduce repair costs, all without disconnecting.

Upgrade of rail signal power systems: for NR/L2/SIGELP/27725 compliance.