Bentley Systems (UK) Ltd.

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Company overview

Established in 1984, Bentley Systems (UK) Ltd is a market-leading provider of infrastructure engineering software. It develops integrated solutions for the engineers who design, construct, and operate critical infrastructure, pairing its software with training, unrivalled service, and technical support.

With 5,200 colleagues worldwide, Bentley Systems (UK) Ltd strives to be more than a software company. Instead, it acts as a dedicated partner, working to drive advancements in infrastructure and create a better world for everyone.

The company is driven by its five core values: it is motivated, innovative, passionate, connected, and responsible. It also recognises the social, environmental, and economic benefits of sustainable infrastructure, and is committed to ESG.

Bentley Systems (UK) Ltd helps rail organisations to work ‘smarter, not harder,’ developing solutions that streamline the planning, design, construction, and operation of rail networks. Discover solutions for:

Delivery planning

  • Create precise digital twins using photographs/point clouds.
  • Extract, share and manage 3D mapping data.
  • Assess reliability, performance, and accessibility, understanding the impact of change prior to implementation.


  • Design in context.
  • Collaborate digitally, working in a single live model.
  • Industrialise project delivery.


  • Produce 3D models quickly using point clouds or simple photographs.
  • Plan more effectively, including via digital rehearsals that ensure stakeholders are coordinated.
  • Collaborate more effectively on heavy civil projects.

Operation and maintenance 

  • Streamline bridge inspections, quickly capturing, assessing, and managing data.
  • Remain compliant.
  • Assess reliability, performance, and accessibility, understanding the impact of change via simulations.

Key solutions

Bridge monitoring: use digital twins to streamline bridge inspections and understand infrastructure.

Rail engineering: revolutionise the delivery, maintenance, and upgrade of rail networks.


Transpennine Route Upgrade

Bentley Systems (UK) Ltd helped to improve information accessibility by 40 per cent on this transformational project, which is connecting communities in the North.