BSquare Controls Ltd

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Company overview

BSquare Controls delivers complex automation projects across sectors including infrastructure, transportation and manufacturing.

We incorporate detailed E&I design, advanced control systems integration and the highest quality industrial automation and information systems, to deliver continuous improvement over your project lifecycle.

Our mission is to deliver critical infrastructure projects with the most robust, reliable and advanced engineering technology solutions on the market.


Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)

A SCADA system communicates reliable data and records to keep the right people informed to make operational decisions quickly. We have extensive experience integrating large and complex systems in safety-critical, redundant environments, by delivering both bespoke built and commercial off the shelf (COTS) SCADA packages based on physical and virtual environments.‍

  • CODRA Software Panorama Suite.
  • Siemens WinCC (Open Architecture).
  • Siemens RailCom Manager & CROMOS.
  • Siemens PCS7.
  • Schneider Power SCADA Operations.
  • Schneider Vijeo Citect & CitectSCADA.
  • Allen Bradley FactoryTalk View.
  • Wonderware Intouch.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

We upgrade legacy PLC platforms and design new systems, including standalone, redundancy and safety critical PLC systems.‍

  • Siemens TIA Portal.
  • Siemens WinCC Flexible (HMI).
  • Siemens S5, S7 and G120 PLCs.
  • Rockwell Panelview (HMI).
  • Schneider Magelis & Panelmate+.
  • Rockwell ControlLogix & SLC PLCs.
  • Mitsubishi Q-Series, E-Series and Fx PLCs.
  • Schneider M580/M340, Quantum & Momentum PLCs.

Software Development

We specialise in using Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS). Our engineers will ensure all specified functionality is developed in accordance with the contract, supported by our commitment to deliver on time, to budget, and with high quality assurance standards.

Our engineers develop many bespoke drivers for a wide range of industries.

Industrial Communication

Our engineers have the experience, skills and industry knowledge to get everything running smoothly on a wide range of standard and proprietary inter-device communication protocols. Specialist CISCO trained engineers and system planners are available for maintenance and new-build system contracts.

Maintenance and Installation

Installation and commissioning services include:

  • PLC Hardware & Software.
  • Point to point and I/O tests.
  • SCADA Hardware & Software.
  • Commissioning of Control Panels.
  • Supervise the installation and termination of cables.
  • Prove interface functionality to plant equipment and other sub-systems.
  • Communications Networks-Plants, Fieldbus, IT, Wireless, Remote and IoT.

Maintenance and support options:

  • Telephone support.
  • HoloLens 2 remote assist.
  • Call out contracts with 24/7 cover.
  • Routine and preventive maintenance.
  • Remote Diagnostic and fault rectification.

Luce² Eco Lighting Control System

Luce2 Eco is a PLC based DALI (DALI-2) lighting control system designed to deliver the lighting levels required for ever changing conditions. With minimum effort and maximum cost savings for tunnels, underpasses and other infrastructure.

The system can control all lighting configurations, such as LED, SON and Hybrid.


  • Power monitoring.
  • Alarm and event logging.
  • Photometer wash request.
  • Control via time of day or photometers.
  • SCADA integration via OPC or Modbus TCP/IP.
  • Industrial hardware for use in industrial environments.
  • User interface via Industrial touch screen and/or mobile device.
  • Proven control algorithms for base and boost lighting, dynamic or stage based.
  • Password protected control, configuration and parameters.
  • Control and monitoring of market lead numbers of DALI (DALI-2) ballasts per redundant PLC pair.


We have a wide experience in the design and installation of complex CCTV systems, successfully developing a number of bespoke driver for the main COTS SCADA. ‍

Our team has installed a number of systems including:

  • Standalone CCTV Systems.
  • Integration with FLIR for automatic incident detection.
  • Distributed CCTV Systems with Control Room Videowall.
  • Integration with SCADA for automatic incident response.

Common integration requirements are:

  • Automatic camera display on incident.
  • Starting and stopping recording on trigger.
  • Automatic export of incident footage with encryption.

Public Address and Voice Announcement

Design and installation of complex Public Address systems. Our Public Address systems are fully integrated with SCADA and include radio broadcast functionalities.

  • Design and Installation.
  • SCADA Integration.
  • Radio Broadcasting.
  • Preventive Maintenance.