BTTC Infrastructure Ltd


Company overview

Leading infrastructure project agency BTTC Infrastructure Ltd believes that work can be delivered “better through total collaboration.” Innovative, pragmatic, and agile, it specialises in:

  • Management consultancy.
  • Project delivery.
  • Collaboration services.
  • Third-party investment.

The company brings expertise and strong leadership to infrastructure schemes, both local and national. For two decades, its experienced team has supported a range of major projects, developing innovative solutions tailored to its clients’ needs. Through long-term, collaborative partnerships, it helps these clients to improve performance, quality, assurance, and efficiency, achieve strategic outcomes, develop their teams, and pave the way for long-term success. To date, it has supported the regeneration of King’s Cross, Manchester Piccadilly, and Manchester Victoria, the West Coast route modernisation programme, and a host of acclaimed rail renewal schemes.

A unique approach

As part of its collaborative approach, BTTC Infrastructure Ltd:

  • Develops long-term client relationships, founded on integrity and trust.
  • Helps teams to mentor and share, leaving a lasting leadership legacy.
  • Assesses concepts and ideas, ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved.

Clients benefit from the company’s unmatched market intelligence and vision, wide-ranging experience, rail knowledge, and expertise.


Collaboration services

BTTC Infrastructure Ltd helps clients to deliver collaborative behaviour development programmes, covering:

  • The introduction of collaborative working behaviours.
  • Behavioural assessments to pinpoint skills gaps.
  • Development and training to fill gaps.
  • Workshops to support the use of collaboration.
  • The optimisation of collaboration.

Project delivery

Covering each delivery stage, BTTC Infrastructure Ltd’s tailored project management services include:

  • Commercial management.
  • Programme management.
  • Contract administration.
  • Programme controls/risk management.
  • Earned value analysis.
  • Management of supply chain performance.
    And more.

The company also supports clients with tender and contract strategies, sponsorship and development, and stakeholder management.  

Management consulting

BTTC Ltd’s expert consultants provide:

  • Market intelligence.
  • Industry benchmarking services and analysis.
  • Support with the development of strategic plans.

Third-party investment

With the need to effectively manage private sector investment more pressing than ever, BTTC Infrastructure Ltd offers:

  • Intelligence on market opportunities and advice on regulatory barriers.
  • Help to identify and influence decision-makers.
  • Expert understanding of clients’ processes and needs.
  • Help to efficiently deliver private sector investment.
  • Support with delivery, risk reduction, and investment optimisation.

Key project

Union Station Enhancement Project (USEP)

BTTC Infrastructure Ltd acted as expert advisor to Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario, helping to make USEP Canada’s first alliance-delivered rail project.