Campaign for Better Transport

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Company overview

Launched in 1973, Campaign for Better Transport is working to make transport across England and Wales fairer, better, and more environmentally friendly. This work is informed by the charity’s vision: efficient and sustainable transport for every community, with options that meet peoples’ needs, enhance their quality of life, and help to address climate change.

With the help of its supporters, Campaign for Better Transport appeals to business leaders and those in power, undertakes research, shares recommendations, and advocates for sustainable transport in the media. It also works closely with a range of organisations (including national and local governments, passenger groups, and transport providers), developing solutions to industry challenges.

History of Campaign for Better Transport

In 1973, attitudes to public transport were changing, and government had prioritised private cars in its transport policy. A group of concerned individuals founded Campaign for Better Transport (then called Transport 2000) with a view to addressing this shift.

50 years on, the group has grown, gained thousands of supporters, and delivered a range of successful campaigns – including Train not Plane and the now-annual Better Transport Week.

It remains committed to delivering better transport, combatting climate change, and creating a fairer society.

Working to make rail better

Campaign for Better Transport recognises that rail has an important role to play in connecting communities and supporting the UK’s decarbonisation efforts. However, it also understands the challenges facing the industry – from rising fares to cancellations and delays.

The charity is pressing for more affordable, reliable and accessible rail services, with a focus on:

  • Better ticketing.
  • Better infrastructure, stations, and rolling stock.
  • Train services that are in line with timetables.
  • Rolling rail electrification.
  • More stations and lines.


A fare future for rail

Campaign for Better Transport has developed a report, A fare future for rail: a blueprint for fares and ticketing reform, unpicks this complex issue and provides a roadmap for improvement.

Reopening lines and stations

The charity is keen to see 33 priority lines and stations reopened, making rail travel more accessible and addressing the issue of overcrowding.

Trams and light rail

Campaign for Better Transport is keen to see more light rail and tram schemes launched across the country, making travelling in urban areas easier and greener.