Cognizant Worldwide Limited

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Company overview

A leading global services company, Cognizant Worldwide Limited helps its clients to modernise – whether that means updating technology, improving experiences, or rethinking processes. In the UK and Ireland, it partners with major brands, focusing on the technologies that are transforming business: IoT, cloud, AI, and software engineering. Cognizant Worldwide Limited was established 25 years ago. Today, it employs over 345,000 people, enabling it to maintain a global presence while offering local support. Guided by its values, the company is as committed to supporting communities as it is developing transformative digital products for the clients it serves.

Digital solutions for transportation and logistics

Cognizant Worldwide Limited helps transportation and logistics firms to tap into the power of digital
technology, gaining supply chain insights, accessing data in real-time, and fulfilling orders more
efficiently. With its help, clients can benefit from technologies like blockchain, IoT, predictive
analytics, and machine learning.

Cognizant Worldwide Limited supports:


Modernise with outbound logistics solutions, analytics, digital tolling, and systems to that provide pickup and delivery visibility. 

Logistics providers

Targeted digital solutions for outbound logistics, fleet and asset management, pickup and delivery, and tolling. 

Mail and express

Transform the delivery process and achieve growth with a range of digital solutions – including analytics and pickup and delivery systems.


Outbound logistics

Cognizant Worldwide Limited’s outbound logistics suite enables businesses to track, report on, and monitor the movement of vehicles, improve the performance of assets, and tap into the power of logistics data. 


This innovative analytics solution delivers supply chain metrics that enable firms to plan more effectively. 

Digital tolling

Plan and route vehicles in real time. 

Pickup and delivery process visibility

Gain visibility of cargo pickup and delivery processes, improving performance and customer service. 


As the effects of climate change are felt around the world, digital technologies could help to protect critical infrastructure – including railway tracks and Victoria bridges. Learn more about these game-changing technologies – from LiDAR imaging to space-borne remote sensing.


Cognizant Worldwide Limited isn’t just helping clients to decarbonise – it’s also committed to minimising its own carbon footprint. The company is working to reduce emissions, improve its energy efficiency, and support climate action – as well as sharing technology, knowledge, and resources with communities.