Commend UK Ltd

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Company overview

In the 50+ years since its launch, Commend UK Ltd has gone from a small family business to a renowned global provider of integrated telecoms systems. Its unique products (including intercom stations and modules) are now protecting people, buildings, and assets around the world.

Used across the London Underground network, these high-quality solutions are designed with reliability, dependability, and longevity in mind – making them a long-term communication investment. With a passion for safety and security, Commend UK Ltd is committed to understanding its customers’ unique requirements, and helping them to source the right solution. It also provides dedicated aftersales support, ensuring that equipment is expertly commissioned, and continues to operate at an optimal level.

Solutions are compliant with a range of British and European standards, including:

London Underground
BS5588 Pt 8
BS5839 Pt 9

Solutions for public transport

Commend UK Ltd’s solutions keep train, bus, tram, and cable car passengers safe, enabling them to speak directly to staff and request help if an incident occurs. 

These solutions include:

  • Information and emergency call stations.
  • Intercom modules (including for emergency call pillars, ticketing machines or barriers).
  • Counter intercoms (enabling staff and customers to communicate through barriers).
  • IP amplifiers and loudspeakers (projectors, horn loudspeakesr, and ceiling speakers for voice announcements).
  • Works communication, mobile clients, and integrated radio communication.

Benefits and applications

  • Deliver alarm announcements and passenger information reliably – whether on platforms or at tram or bus stops.
  • Enable passengers to call for help at the touch of a button.
  • Respond to emergencies quickly and easily with multi-functional Commend Control Desks, which can issue automatic warnings, reassurance messages, and staff messages.
  • Communicate clearly with unrivalled speech intelligibility.

Case study

Reading Station/Fourway Communication/Commend UK Ltd

As part of an £895m redevelopment programme, Reading Station installed new building management and security systems – including new intercom technology, supplied by Commend UK Ltd (via Network Rail-appointed supplier Fourway Communication).