Complete Cyber

Company overview

Complete Cyber provides professional, knowledge-based cybersecurity products and solutions, designed to help organisations secure their systems, data, and infrastructure.

With a creative, collaborative approach and 30 years of combined experience, its team works to understand and address clients’ cybersecurity requirements. While protecting assets can be a daunting prospect, Complete Cyber makes it simpler, identifying weak points, designing stronger controls, and providing long-term support.

Today, the business helps a range of leading organisations – including Network Rail, Bombardier, Transport for London, and Thales – to guard against cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity solutions

As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, organisations must guard against data theft – which can lead to fines, costs, and serious reputational damage.

Complete Cyber offers a range of vendor-agnostic cybersecurity products and services, including: 

Security architecture services 

Complete Cyber’s experienced security architects can assess the security status of your mobile/web/micro-services or IT infrastructure, highlight vulnerabilities and risks, and develop a solution to suit.

Security testing and management services 

Complete Cyber offers a range of security testing services, from one-off/continuous vulnerability assessments to CREST-certified penetration tests. These services help clients to understand their online footprint and address weaknesses.

Audit, risk and compliance 

Carried out by experienced consultants, Complete Cyber’s internal audits determine what security controls are currently in place across your organisation. A project plan can then be created.

Application security 

Complete Cyber helps organisations to adopt a SecDevOps approach, embedding security from the outset.

Security eLearning and phishing awareness

This full phishing and awareness platform helps businesses to measure and enhance their ‘human security’. Features include:

  • Attack simulations.
  • 0365 integration.
  • Cloud-based training.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Customisable phishing and landing pages.
  • Web hooks.
  • Breach intelligence.
  • Bespoke tests and quiz.
  • Automated policy management.
  • Alarm bell indicators.

Case study

Complete Cyber/Network Rail

Network Rail’s Telecoms CISO asked Complete Cyber to support the launch of security monitoring of operational technology. As part of this ongoing project, Complete Cyber has already delivered several high/low level security solution designs.