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About Craig & Derricott

Craig & Derricott is a component supplier to the transport sector and has earned a reputation for well-engineered and reliable products. Established in 1922, Craig & Derricott specialise in the design, manufacture and overhaul of low voltage electrical control and switchgear and ATS, rolling stock components and rail LED lighting.

Our rolling stock range covers products designed for use on trains worldwide. The range includes, LED lighting, driver cab controls, rotary actuators, driver’s key switches, panels, passenger communication devices, drumswitch uncouplers and more.

Rail infrastructure covers a wide range including ATS and switchgear and Craig & Derricott has supplied equipment into station platforms, escalators, maintenance bays, trackside and more.

We have extensive engineering experience in all aspects of rail rolling stock and infrastructure, in the UK and across the world.

Rail LED Lighting

A range of LED lighting designed as a direct replacement for fluorescent lighting that has been developed and tested to meet railway rolling stock standards. The range is easy and safe to fit into existing light fittings with only minimal wiring changes.

Our long-life LED lighting have low energy power consumption resulting in reduced life cycle costs. Each LED switches on instantly with excellent consistent light output and tightly controlled colour temperature. They offer all the benefits of LED technology, long life and low power consumption, therefore reducing life cycle costs and your environmental impact.

Vehicle Control Gear

We offer a wide range of vehicle control gear, including driver cab controls, passenger (internal and external) interfaces, push button actuators and rotary panels. Each component is designed around the safety features associated with each vehicle class and can be tailored to any customer specifications.

If there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution that meets your specific requirements, we will design one. Working closely with our customers we can create products to meet the project specification and fully comply with relevant railways standards. We can integrate and adapt new or existing products to provide a complete solution.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are essential wherever substantial power must be maintained, whether it is to ensure people’s safety or to maintain essential supplies to a vital process. The changeover device automatically operates the transition from the primary to the secondary power supply in the event of the loss of the primary supply to the building.

As a market-leading specialist in ATS, we offer a full range of ATS suitable for all installations including life safety equipment. Our ATS units are designed to be operational in a variety of installations such as sub-surface and surface railway stations, hospitals, stately homes, water distribution facilities, airports, data centres, shopping centres, offices and apartments.

TFL Approved Switchgear

A range of enclosed switchgear that has been designed for the isolation and distribution of electrical supplies, for use on sub-surface and surface railway station installations. Rated 20A to 800A as standard, the range is available in four enclosure types: die-cast aluminium, stainless steel, sheet steel and F400 fire rated, providing a solution for all systems.

All units meet the stringent LUL-TFL fire regulations and international low-voltage switchgear standards required for rail installations.

Bespoke Engineered Solutions

Our engineers can work within the engineering and project management teams of rolling stock manufacturers, infrastructure, UK train operators and ROSCOs, component OEMs as well as overseas operators and suppliers. We cover all disciplines including mechanical and electrical engineering, supporting new and legacy rolling stock and infrastructure projects to deliver a complete end to end solution, or offering our expertise working as part of a larger team within your organisation.

We offer a full overhaul schedule of components with quick turnaround and/or service and repair to railway standard specifications.

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